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Since 1987 RESI Informatica S.p.A. has been a technology partner of telecoms and large enterprises providing software solutions for their networks and services.

Consolidated competences and continuous R&D investments enable RESI to provide modern ICT solutions in Italy and globally.

The solid engineering know how is what distinguish RESI in the design, development and management of network intelligence platforms thanks to proprietary Deep Packet Inspection, contact center quality assurance and digital transformation solutions for private and public organizations.


RESI Informatica S.p.A. promotes the democratization of technology rising to the challenge of accelerating the digital transformation of private and pubic organisations. Large enterprises rely on RESI because of their complex needs due to rapid shifts in consumer behaviours, regulatory and competitive landscape.

Managing big data platforms to get real time insights about the quality of service and network can put a lot of pressure on entire company divisions impacting processes and business models. More often than not such complex challenges cannot be handled by standard products, therefore a long term strategy of adopting advanced ICT solutions can make the life of network managers much easier.

Partnering with RESI means having the opportunity to automise repetitive activities, supervise what is happening on your network and improve your customer experience in the face of continuous technological evolutions such as IoT, 5G, Cloud and Big Data.

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RESI collaborates as a provider of ICT services and solutions with primary national and international companies and public governments.