RESIDigital Transformation

Monitoring deep and dark web, social media and forums to identify key information and preventing threats.



Design and implementation of custom solutions for every specific need in the ICT world

Design, development and management of ICT solution to boost digital transformation

The ability to design embedded solutions, the solid know how and the continuous R&D effort make RESI the ideal partner for system integration projects for either custom solutions or the management/evolution of technology platform.

The experience consolidated in less than 4 decades allows RESI to understand and anticipate market trends providing cutting edge technology and innovative analytics.


Always ready for changes

Always ready to change:

  • Application developments
  • Big Data
  • Elasticsearch
  • Web portal
  • Integrated Web platforms
  • Mobile Applications
  • CMS
  • Analytics

Integrated Web Platforms

RESI designed and developed a web-based platform and IT proceeds to enable procurement processes of the Italian Minister of Defence. SIAC is the web portal that manages all information exchange among NCP (Ufficio Nazionale di Codificazione) departments which take place through standard transactions. 


Social Media listening:

RESI deigned a social media listening platform to transform online and social media data into valuable information. This platform generates useful awareness indicators over a large number of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Telegram. This technology can be used across several uses cases: Marketing Analysis, Business Intelligence, Social Engagement, Reputation Analysis, Media Monitoring etc.